603005 Нижний Новгород, ул.Минина, д.12
Тел. (831) 432-08-61, 413-82-37, 8 920 253 82 37 (Viber/Whatsap)

Номер в гостинице

Номер в гостинице

Номер в гостинице

Номер в гостинице

The Ostrozhsky Val Hotel

Welcome to Our Hotel!

Dear guests!

At your service conveniently situated comfortable Ostrozhsky Val-Hotel. Which offers you good opportunities to rest and to spend your time with pleasure.

The hotel is situated in the cultural and  historical centre of the city Nizhny Novgorod.

The hotel is situated in the traffic centre of the city and will be comfortable for business-tourists and holding business events and for travelers as well.

You have good opportunities to visit The Upper Volga Embankment and the Kremlin.

You will be fascinated by the splendor of the bluish – green colures of Zavolzhiya… The embankment and the Kremlin are situated just near the Ostrozhsky Val-Hotel. There are a lot of places of interest in Nizhny Novgorod. Pokrovsky street and Rozhdestvenssky street are main streets in our site. There are museums, monuments, theatres and cinemas in Nizhny Novgorod. We have a conservatoire as well in our city. It is not far from our hotel/

Our address is 603005, Nizhny Novgorod, Minina street, 12.

The service

The number of rooms in our private hotel is not very large.

There are 30 rooms in the hotel (including class Lux) and a flat next to Water Academy in Minina Street. We are always glad to suggest one-room, two-room, and accommodations for our guests.


Price-list for 24 hours in rubles.

№ 1 – 3500 (a standard Improved room)

№ 2 – 3300 (a standard Improved room)

№ 3 – 3000 (standard room)

№ 4 – 4500 (class Lux)

№ 5 – 3000 (standard room)

№ 6 – 3500 (standard room)

№ 7 – 5000 (two-room accommodation)

№ 8 – 5000 (class Lux)

№ 9 – 3000 (standard room)

№ 10 – 1500 (econom class)

№ 11 – 1500 (econom class)

№ 12 – 3500 (standard room)

№ 14 – 3500 (standard room)

№ 15 – 3500 (standard room)

№ 16 – 3500 (standard room).

All the guests in the hotel have breakfast free of charge.

There are all necessary things in the rooms:

  • Comfortable wide bed.
  • TV set.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Large built-in cupboard for luggage and clothes mini-bar.
  • Comfortable bathroom is equipped with shower cubicle and  hairdryer.

You can book a room in every way:

By making a call  (831) 432-08-61, 432-82-37

By sending in e-mail ostrovsuh@rambler.ru or by feedback form.

Welcome to Our Hotel!

Гостиница "Острожский Вал" - ваш надежный друг!
Мы ждем вас в Нижнем Новгороде!

Адрес: 603005 Нижний Новгород, ул.Минина, д.12
Телефоны: (831) 432-08-61, 413-82-37, 8 920 253 82 37 (Viber/Whatsap)
E-mail: ostrovsuh@rambler.ru

Режим работы:

Гостиница "Острожский Вал" включена в справочную систему Гостиницы России.

При возникновении вопросов Вы можете обратиться к нам по телефону, электронной почте, а также заказать номер на странице Бронирование. Свои пожелания и благодарственные отзывы о нашей работе вы можете оставить в "Книге жалоб и предложений", то есть в "Гостевой книге".

Гостиница Острожский Вал

Гостиный дом "Острожский Вал"
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603005 Нижний Новгород, ул.Минина, д.12

(831) 432-08-61, 413-82-37,
8 920 253 82 37 (Viber/Whatsap)
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